Our Aims and Objectives


  1. To circulate information about the production of goats and sheep.
  2. To provide technical training to our members.
  3. To provide technical support to our members
  4. To improve the various breeds of goats and sheep.


  1. Strengthen the capability of the Society itself to deliver its programmes and to strategically focus its activities to make best use of its resources.
  2. Encourage the proper keeping of goats and sheep in T&T and promote the use of their milk, meat and by-products so as to increase and sustain the local supply and consumption.
  3. Provide educational opportunities and to publish informational material that will develop the human resource potential and competitiveness of the local producers in the sector.
  4. Represent the interests of all local producers of goat and sheep products in areas of policy planning, governance and sector development.
  5. Stimulate social, technical and economic co-operation, and establish the machinery for the systematic interchange of information and experience on all aspects of development, production, processing, innovation, quality control, and marketing within the sector.
  6. Establish and monitor quality standards for all goat and sheep products, providing a culture of excellence within the community and assurance of quality for the consumers of these products.